from the top everything will fall 
i don't care, gonna drop it all
pick my brains up off the floor 
down the drain, no use no more 
all i wanna do is find a place to sleep 
rot away for all eternity 
let the big dark cover me 
and the big dark covers me 

i got caught moving through your swamp 
belly deep, i couldn't move my arms 
i know i'm beat when you stroll along 
fish me out, tie my noose on 
dragging my feet through the twigs and bones 
only you know where we'll go 
where the big dark tunnels roam 
and the big dark tunnels roam 

well, you can eat for free anytime you want 
feed on me, the only thing you got 
i don't mind. give me a try 
grab a knife we're all starved tonight 
dig it in through my rib cage tree 
rip and twist my heart out clean 
let my big dark hallow bleed 
and my big dark hallow bleeds 

you made my life your home 
what a place to die alone 
you play with what i got 
but i think you'd rather watch