am i pitiful for liking you already 
your skin is leaking acid or i'm stoned
you turn my blood & bone into spaghetti 
boil me until you think i'm done 

you forgot about your innocence in summer 
your shoes fell off in public in the spring 
your lines were organized in time for winter 
but by fall you could forget about me 

i wanna lick it up 

well you promised me you'd never get the tattoo 
that i already saw last night 
on your back towards your ass, it was pale blue 
but you also said that you wouldn't bite 

i wanna lick it up 

i'll suck the poison from your skin and swallow, i would never spit 
your lips dripping from your chin, i'll follow puddles if and when 
terraform another planet just to have it if you'd wish 
or i'll form another habit if you'd rather have a ditch 

i want your blood & bone 
blood & bone 
i want your blood 
& bone 

i want it all 
the blood & bone 
i'll suck the poison from your skin