you're gonna flip when you see what i started 
trip from the wood to the carpet
take a lick if you think you would like it 
scared stiff in your boyfriend's apartment 

the carpet's growing stuff 
i think i took too much 
and i'm thinking she's thinking the same stuff 
i think i think too much 

i don't want no gods 
i'm my only god 
and i'm gonna take anything that i want 
take anything i want 

mine, it's mine. mine! 
no i don't wanna see your hoo-hah 
i don't wanna hear your hoopla honey 
no i don't wanna see your hoo-hah
your hoo-hah 

dance, my honey pie 
in a trance from the sugar high 
well you can leave anytime that you like 
burn it down, i don't got the time